Sunday, February 26, 2012

Running grade

I completed a half marathon today at Tunbridge Wells, a royal city in Kent. My time was 1hr 38mins, two minutes short of smashing my previous personal best.

A few years ago, The World Association of Veteran Athletics published an Open Class Standards which grade runners' performance based on finishing time and age. The method it was developed and linked to age and finishing time is unknown, but it is an interesting way to gauge performance against our peers.

For example, the winner of today's race finished in 1hr 4mins. Rather impressive, one must admit. His performance grade was 92.84%.

Mine was 58.74%. With two minutes shaved to bring the time down to my PB, that would only improve the grade marginally to 61.8%. If a university grading system is applied here, that's a grade C.


penelope gan said...

All about relativity … :)
Bottom line is to have fun and the reward is another couple of good hours added to a healthy life.

zafi said...

Gosh... I can't imagine myself running... absolutely not finish! Or I'd rather walking... (lenggang) :D Hiks! Hello alden!!!