Monday, July 26, 2010

Salmon Fried Rice

I started making salmon fried rice since year 2000, inspired by the occasional visits to a Japanese buffet restaurant in KL.

I started with failure. The wok was burnt and the rice was soggy with uncooked salmon. It was a disaster. But it was failure that kept me perfecting this dish.

I experimented with different ingredients, different types of rice, different sauce, different sequence of putting the ingredients. I explored the science of taste and temperature.

This is the tenth year I am cooking salmon fried rice. I've lost count the times I've made this dish. But Blogger did give an account of me doing it in 2006.

Salmon Fried Rice

Last Friday was the latest. It was for Fatin and Hannanah's farewell. Their guests and them liked it. For the past gatherings and parties, people have liked it.

People have asked that I cook salmon fried rice again. Running friends request for it when I am back in KL. I guess it's safe to say salmon fried rice has become my signature dish.

This is the recipe (serves two):

1. Two Chinese rice bowls of refrigerated rice (preferably overnight using Japanese or fragrant Thai)
2. 200g of salmon fillet, cut to bite sizes
3. One teaspoon of ground pepper
4. Half tablespoon of fish sauce (alternatively you can use ikan bilis granules)
5. One egg (preferably organic)
6. One tablespoon of cooking oil (don't use low temperature oils like Olive)
7. Half bulb of garlic, chopped finely.
8. Half Chinese bowl of mixed vege (optional. I didn't put this but seems sensible for a healthy diet)
9. Salt to taste

1. Fried ikan bilis (small)

1. Heat cooking oil at medium fire
2. Fry chopped garlic until light brown
3. If using mixed vege, stir fry mixed vege at this stage
4. Stir in diced salmon. Salmon cooks and disintegrate easily, so stir until quarter cooked
5. Put in fish sauce and ground pepper. Fry until ingredients are well coated.
6. Put in chilled rice. Make sure lumpy rice are broken down in wok.
7. Break an egg into the rice and continue stirring. Egg will coat rice at medium heat. A way to see if you've done it right is by looking at the colour of the rice. If it's turned yellowish, you're there.
8. Increase fire at this stage so the egg will cook with the rice. Otherwise rice will turn soggy by the egg.
9. When the rice stopped looking soggy, turn fire down to low.
10. Add salt to taste and continue stirring.
11. Rice is ready to be served.

1. Before serving the rice, I recommend to garnish fried ikan bilis on the top. It will accentuate the taste and texture of the dish.
2. Will also go well with sambal ikan bilis
3. If you like eggs, it will also go well with a sunny side on the top!