Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wimbledon 2012

I am not a tennis person but today marks the fifth year I watch the Wimbledon Championships final and big congratulations to Roger Federer whom I supported. He won the Wimbledon Champion title for the seventh time.

It's easy to be indulged in a conversation about tennis in Britain when everyone talks about it. It gets you into the mood. Without realising, I started reading and learning about the game and players. It was only recently everyone talks about this year's match when Andy Murray advanced into the finals. He was about to create history if he won the Wimbledon Champion title. He would be the first British to win it in the last 76 years!

Unfortunately that day never came. As I expected, this is not the time for him yet. Perhaps next year. His tears made me see him very differently now. I hope he wins a gold medal for the London 2012 Games.