Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All Relative

In October last year I cursed the weather should decline to early teen temperatures. This signaled the end of swimming in the open water for 2011. What's even more miserable was that dark days were setting in.

I complained when I returned from KL end of January this year because the weather dropped to 2 deg C. I had to wear a beanie hat to stop my ears from falling off. I wished the temperature was at early teens.

Last week temperatures fell further to -6deg C. While running out to Hyde Park my butt almost fell off my body from frost bite. My 2xu tights made little difference to a cold like this. I wished the temperature was above freezing, 2 deg C would've been lovely!

This evening the temperature stayed at 6 deg C, I wished it will be this high for the next few weeks. Now I'll be so grateful if the weather can be in early teens again.

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penelope gan said...

yes - I feel for my travelers who went from blistering high 30s and low 40s in South Africa who flew straight into the deep freeze of London while I sigh with relieve for the slight drop of temperature (relative, as you said) in Kuala Lumpur as I landed … still cursing my burned tanned skin tough!